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Planning for social selling scale and success: lessons from a roll-out

I’m not writing this post to tell you that social selling works. I’m confident that you have a good idea of that already. If you’re reading this blog then the chances are you’re already considering social selling – and you’ll have done your research into its impact on sales productivity. There’s a growing amount of evidence out there about what it can do.

Instead, I want to tell you about one thing that social selling can’t do. It’s a limitation that’s crucial to understand if you’re planning to explore, pilot or scale a social selling programme.

A social selling platform can’t roll itself out. It can’t inspire sustained and meaningful organisational change just by its existence. The only way to get full value from social selling is to have a clear plan for ensuring that these things happen. Such a plan needs to go beyond simply buying a social selling platform, handing out passwords and seeing how things go; it needs to anticipate what it will take to scale social selling – and prove that it’s worthwhile doing so.

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