Social Media Strategy

Many organisations have struggled to make the most of the Social Media revolution.  They understand that it is a low-cost way to reach their audiences but don’t know how to do this in a structured, controlled or effective way.

We can help by delivering an interactive, hands-on SEO Strategy session with you that will:

  • Discuss your audience profile and explore the suitability of social media platforms
  • Overcome barriers to adopting Social Media
  • Discuss policies and procedures to enable social media to be rolled out across the organisation
  • Identify key performance indicators and how to capture them

Social Media Strategy is a half-day session held at a mutually convenient location for up to 6 key decision makers.

The outcomes of the social media strategy session will be:

  1. Defined Social Media strategy listing which platforms to use, what to say and who will do it incorporating a ‘content calendar’ for the next 6 to 12 months
  2. Foundation of your Social Media policies and procedures
  3. Adoption of tools for monitoring and KPI reporting

Price: £575 plus travel, expenses & cost of room hire (if required)
SAVE £200 by combining two half-day strategies into one day for just £950

Contact Cat on 07967 204394 to discuss your Social Media Strategy requirements in more detail or click here to complete our contact form.

For background reading on Social Media Strategy, I highly recommend this book by Erik Qualman (click on the image for more details and to buy from Amazon):